Making fleet operations safer, cleaner, more cost effective

Real Time Fleet / Vehicle Location Tracking

Fleet tracking is so much more than just tracking locations of your fleet, it’s about solving real business challenges. We have configured Intellia IoT solution for GPS fleet tracking which allows fleet managers to optimize fuel consumption and reduce delivery time by providing real-time insights into fleet operations.


Personalized Dashboard

With Intellia IoT GPS fleet tracking solution you will get a personalized dashboard where you will be able to see all the information related to your fleet operations on a single screen.

Virtual Geographical Boundary

Your fleet can be alerted of the areas which they are not supposed to go. Geofence works as a virtual boundary and if any truck/vehicle in your fleet goes nearby that location/boundary, the driver and supervisors are alerted immediately.

Personalized Alerts on Web/Mobile App

Whether it is the abnormal speed of a truck or location away from the anticipated route, the fleet managers can be alerted immediately. There is a dedicated notification panel on the main dashboard of the solution.

Supports Unlimited Vehicles

Add as many vehicles as you want to Intellia IoT GPS fleet tracking solution. The solution can handle all the data collected from your fleet flawlessly.

All Time Location History

Where your trucks were? Have they ever deviated from the route? What was the timing of the trip? The GPS fleet tracking solution answers to all of your fleet location related queries.

Customized Reports

The reports are just one click away with Intellia IoT solution. You can download the customized reports related to truck/trailer hookup history, Driver History, Pick/Drop Location.

Truck/Trailer Hookup History

With the advanced analytics feature, you can know how many trailers a truck is/was carrying and for how long. The users will be able to access the historical data related to the truck.

Regulation Compliance

The solution conforms to the regulations of OOIDA (Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association) and FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). It helps in maintaining HoS (Hours of Service) and ensure all of EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) parameters are met.