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Creating a Compelling IoT Value Proposition & Business Model

The Internet of Things is rapidly changing how we interact with our customers and putting new demands on the enterprise. In order to compete, you need a strategic approach built on a solid, IoT-centric value proposition and business model.



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Completing Your Digital Business Transformation With GIS

What is GIS and how is it helping transform businesses and industries?

Deploying the Smallest Smart City in the World

Is there a minimum size requirement to deploy an IoT framework to become a smart city? A tiny French village of only 1500 inhabitants proves there isn't.

How Drones Are Keeping the Lights On

The industry presence of drones is already here, and they're helping construction, agriculture, utilities, and other essential industries stay in business.

How Does IoT Work?

Understand how IoT works and why most IoT devices in the future will be connected with each other using a hyper decision framework.

What’s the difference between private and public LoRaWAN networks?

A guide to help you select the best LoRaWAN network for your building management projects.

The Significance of Edge Computing for Building Commercial IoT Solutions

In this article, we will explore the recommendations Perry Lea suggests to attain a holistic and expert review of implementing cloud and edge computing to build commercial IoT systems, and how the second edition of his renowned book, IoT and Edge Computing for Architects, Second Edition, will enable you to achieve that goal.

Alternative Sensor Power Solutions: Is Printed Power Next?

As solar technology matures, the next generation of printed solar cells could enable much wider implementation of IoT.

Leveraging IoT Technology for Good

Coronavirus is putting the healthcare industry under a microscope and organizations are turning to long-range, low power solutions to develop optimized healthcare IoT applications.