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How IoT Keeps Mine Workers Breathing Underground

Although adoption in the mining industry has been slow, IoT may prove a powerful technology for keeping mine workers safe.



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Cellular IoT: Poised to Hit Consumer Product Market

Historically, consumer IoT products have almost-exclusively leveraged Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Not anymore. Looking ahead at 2020 and beyond, wide-spread introduction of IoT products with embedded cellular connectivity to the consumer market. Low-power cellular networks (CAT-M and NB-IoT) with low-cost modules and data plans, the rise of the "subscription-as-a-service" era, and heightened customer service expectations are a few contributing factors to this new trend in IoT.

How AI and IoT Provide Value in Construction

Data collection through IoT sensors is a significant part of ensuring that AI produces accurate and insightful outcomes. Combining the two technologies has the potential to alter business models in the construction industry, reduce expensive errors and worksite injuries, and make building operations more efficient.

Asset Tracking with Google Cloud Platform

In this article, we'll review a hypothetical IoT problem and how we at Leverege would use GCP to create an asset tracking solution.

The Internet Of Things is all Over HVACR. Is the Value There Yet?

IoT is winning the HVACR industry. What are the next challenges. Impression from AHR Expo Event - the biggest HVACR event in the world

How to Leverage IoT to Protect Your Workers

Industry workers are the most valuable resource on any site, and their safety can’t be left to chance. Learn how highly adaptable IoT deals with most frequent dangers, making them predictable and preventable.

An Introduction to a Full 5G System

There are three application spaces designated for 5G– eMBB to replace 4G, URLCC for data transfer, and mMTC for device networks.

3 Reasons Why Your IoT Initiatives Need SD-WAN

According to analyst firm Gartner, 5.8 billion enterprise and automotive IoT endpoints will be in use in 2020—up 21 percent from 2019. If you’re planning to deploy IoT-enabled assets, you are most certainly not alone. However, it’s critical that you have the right network architecture to manage the unique scalability and connectivity challenges that IoT presents. This article will present the three key reasons why SD-WANs make it easier to scale your IoT initiatives in line with rapidly changing business requirements.

MQTT vs SSE: A Comparison

Both MQTT and SSE protocols are built upon a pub/sub concept, using a ‘broker’ when distributing messages. However, their use cases differ. We've taken a look at how they compare.