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IoT Device Security Issues and Why They Exist

There are numerous security frameworks available, but IoT device vulnerabilities still exist. Explore three examples of why these issues and how to address them.



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The Telemedicine Craze: Will the Exploding Trend Last?

In the face of the COVID-19 outbreak, the demand for remote healthcare delivery has elevated to unprecedented levels. While the implications of telemedicine suggest it is here to stay, the adoption will not be as smooth as we think.

The Commercial Adoption of IoT Technologies in the COVID-19 Era

Many sectors are already adopting IoT on a commercial level and others can easily benefit by pivoting around supply chain innovation in the COVID-19 Era.

How Do We Enhance Trust in Connected Things?

IoT increases the likelihood of a devastating security breach as it connects the physical and digital worlds. Fortunately, there are means to enhance our trust in IoT.

3 Ways IoT Technology Will Improve Residential Communities

IoT is evolving to be an important aspect when designing new residential communities. Here are three key areas that IoT is already improving residential communities.

IoT Security: SMS and Voice Service Attacks and How to Prevent Them

In this article, we'll take a look at service-specific IoT device attacks over SMS and Voice – and explain how attackers are taking advantage of vulnerabilities to access privacy information or generate revenue for their criminal business.

5 Best Open Source IoT Frameworks

Explore the best IoT frameworks that you can use to build your IoT system. All of them are open-source by nature, which simplifies their use.

Adding SDP to Local Security Can Help Prevent Ripple20 Vulnerabilities

Companies are not without recourse to address security problems. Local security and SDP are two solutions that can prevent attackers when combined.

EU Cybersecurity Certification Framework and the Philosopher’s Stone

EU Cybersecurity Certification Framework will make it easier for IoT manufacturers and developers to serve the EU market. A unified certification framework across all of EU will reduce the effects a fragmented market has on the online economy.