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5G and IoT: Convergence and Opportunity
Tune into the conversation between Robby Hamblet, CEO of Teal Communications, and Jim Brisimitzis, Founder & General Partner at the 5G Open Innovation Lab, as they discuss the convergence and opportun...
Teal Communications Nov 22, 2021
IoT Platforms
Deploying Your IoT Projects with Scalable Services (and Cloud APIs!)
Join us on Thursday, December 9th at 11AM ET as we look through the lens of the Blues Wireless cloud service,, and a modern IoT platform focused on programmable APIs and scalability, Qubitr...
Blues Wireless Nov 18, 2021
Uncovering the Hidden Use Cases of Narrowband Cellular for the IoT
Take an outside-the-box view of cellular IoT with Blues Wireless and learn how to efficiently and securely ue narrowband cellular IoT to its full extent.
Blues Wireless Nov 7, 2021
Animal Tracking
Wildlife Conservation: Tracking with LPWAN Technology
In this webinar, Lukas Schefer from Volunteering Africa will share insights about his project in Southern Africa, in which he used low-power sensors to track and protect wild animals in Africa.
Akenza AG Nov 1, 2021
Smart Manufacturing
Lightning Fast – From IoT Concept to Pilot
In this webinar, you'll learn about 3 innovations designed to speed up IoT device development.
Blues Wireless Oct 31, 2021
Asset Tracking
How to Create IoT Asset Tracking Applications with Drag-and-Drop Tooling
End-to-End technical demo of tracking assets with the Notecard, delivering data and building a reporting application with Datacake.
Blues Wireless Oct 31, 2021
Remote Management
Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes on your First Aquatic Sensor
Learn what not to do with your first aquatic sensor in this interactive and fun webinar!
Blues Wireless Oct 31, 2021
SHIELDS UP! S2 Episode 5: Closing the Loop on IoT Device Security With Microchip...
Join AWS and Microchip as they discuss device-side security, monitoring, and more through AWS IoT Device Defender and Microchip Secure Elements.
Microchip Technology Inc. Oct 26, 2021
From Device to Dashboard with Cellular IoT
In this webinar, folks from Blues Wireless and Ubidots guide IoT developers through a typical journey from device to cloud using the cellular capabilities of Notecard and the data visualization platfo...
Blues Wireless Oct 25, 2021
Hardware Components
Demystifying the Hype and Misinformation Surrounding eSIM
This webinar by Aeris will address common misconceptions about eSIM technology and breakdown the key considerations for successful implementation.
Aeris Oct 19, 2021
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