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IoT Development
Webinar: Getting Started with Golioth
Join Golioth on February 15th, 2023 at 9:00am PT for a live webinar, where you will learn Golioth platform basics.
Golioth Feb 8, 2024
Electric Vehicles
Empowering Electric Mobility: Charging Infrastructure and MQTT Integration
Join us as we discuss how MQTT is powering the next generation of EV charging.
EMQ Technologies Inc. Dec 18, 2023
How Does IoT With eSIM Transform Smart Meter Rollouts?
Join us, with expert speakers from Kigen, Kamstrup , and Vodafone to explore leveraging eSIM IoT for smart metering success in this webinar.
Kigen Dec 15, 2023
Keeping It Simple: Choosing the Right Antenna for Your IoT Project
Choose the right PCB antenna for your connected product in this webinar from Blues and Ignion on December 5th.
Blues Nov 20, 2023
Machine Learning
TinyML Workshop — From the IoT to the Cloud
Experts from Blues, Datacake, and Edge Impulse show off the power of combining TinyML with the IoT and the Cloud.
Blues Nov 17, 2023
Cellular, Wi-Fi, LoRa: Introducing the Next Generation of Notecards
Join Blues as we dive into the features and functionality of the new Notecard Cell+WiFi, Notecard LoRa, and Notecard.
Blues Nov 8, 2023
IoT in Turkey: Achieve Seamless Coverage With a Single SIM
Discover how we have helped achieve local cellular IoT connectivity for global customers in Turkey, all through a single SKU.
floLIVE Nov 7, 2023
IoT Showcase
IoT Case Study: Smart Public Pool Solution
Explore IoT solution creation through the lens of a real success story with experts from gammaRenax, comtac, headbits, and akenza.
Akenza AG Nov 7, 2023
IoT Prototyping and Development
50 Ways To Accelerate Your IoT Project
The Blues Accelerators are purpose-built IoT applications: free, open source, and available for you to start developing with today!
Blues Nov 3, 2023
Water Utility Infrastructure Modernization for Efficient and Sustainable Operati...
This webinar will detail how LoRaWAN® solutions are being developed, piloted, and deployed today to solve business problems for utilities and municipalities as well as optimizing service delivery to ...
LoRa Alliance Oct 31, 2023
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