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GlobalPlatform SESIP
The webinar will explore how device manufacturers can use the SESIP methodology to simplify security evaluation to build trust in their IoT products.
GlobalPlatform Nov 23, 2020
IoT Prototyping and Development
Beat the Odds: How Agile IoT can get you Past the Pilot
IoT Agility: How To Keep Your IoT Project Alive. Free Webinar where you'll discover how to develop IoT products to support agile processes.
Very Nov 20, 2020
Consumer IoT
The Power of Machine Learning for IoT Products
Explore the benefits and challenges surrounding embedded machine learning and demonstrate how they could benefit you through a live demo in this webinar.
SpinDance Nov 10, 2020
Digital Transformation
Building the Resilient Enterprise of Tomorrow: How Emerging Technologies are Fue...
Join our webinar and learn how leveraging emerging technologies like IoT and analytics can help you build the resilient enterprise of tomorrow.
Software AG Oct 19, 2020
Emerging Stronger with IoT in Retail
Learn how IoT is solving problems in retail caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic from Estimote's Head of Product Engineering.
Twilio Oct 16, 2020
Digital Transformation
Insurance New Business Acquisition in the Digital Age
Learn how insurance carriers, from Life & Annuities to Home & Auto, remain competitive and acquire new business at a time when just “being digital” isn’t enough.
Reuters Events Oct 5, 2020
Understanding the Results of the FCC’s CBRS PAL Auction
Learn more about the Results of the FCC's CBRS PAL Auction and understand the impact CBRS may have on enterprise markets.
Telit Oct 5, 2020
Contact Tracing
Proximity Detection and Contact Tracing for COVID-19 Webinar
In this webinar we explain how IoT and LoRaWAN devices can help fight against COVID-19 by monitoring proximity and implementing contact tracing among people in shared areas like offices and industrial...
Actility Sep 30, 2020
IT and Security
How Mycube Built A Secure IoT Product in 6 Months with Particle Studios
Learn why Mycube partnered with Particle to build a secure internet-connected safe in less than 6 months.
Particle Industries Sep 24, 2020
Leak Detection
How Scientific Aviation Built a Real-Time Gas Leak Detection System with IoT in ...
A free, live webinar to help you learn how Scientific Aviation built a profitable, solar-powered, methane leak detection device in less than 6 months with IoT.
Particle Industries Sep 21, 2020