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Bring Your Smart Environment to Life with LoRaWAN, Senet, & Losant
Losant and Senet come together to chat about how you can bring your smart environment to life with LoRaWAN and their tech.
Losant May 5, 2022
Smart Building
Accelerating Smart Building Cases With Disruptive Technologies and Akenza
akenza and Disruptive Technologies join one another in this webinar to explain how their technology is accelerating smart building cases.
Akenza AG Apr 13, 2022
Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0 is Broken – But There Is a Fix
Industry 4.0 is broken. But there is a fix - learn how to unlock the full value of AI and IoT.
Pratexo Mar 30, 2022
Three Main Challenges for Securely Scaling Connected Devices
We’ll then dive into choosing a secure connectivity solution for your devices, and how to keep data secure between your connectivity solution and your cloud solution.
EMnify Mar 22, 2022
Cellular IoT on the Raspberry Pi 4, Zero, and Pico
In this celebration of Pi Day, we present a "101" style of getting started with cellular IoT in the Raspberry Pi ecosystem.
Blues Wireless Mar 15, 2022
Asset Tracking
Global Asset Tracking with a Cellular Notecard and Datacake
Join us on Thursday, March 24th at 11AM ET/5PM CET as we dive into "Mastering Global Asset Tracking with a Cellular Notecard and Datacake."
Blues Wireless Mar 14, 2022
IoT Business Strategy
What’s Your Secret Sauce?
Join Brian Tol at SpinDance, and Todd Hart at Flow-Rite Controls, as they share how to get business value for IoT with your secret sauce.
SpinDance Mar 9, 2022
IoT Business Strategy
Show Me the Money!
In Show Me the Money! Brian Tol explains the importance of Value Proposition Design, surveys proven IoT business models, and more.
SpinDance Mar 9, 2022
Indoor Navigation
Incorporating BACnet Devices into Your Smart Environment
Losant solutions architect Kevin Niemiller provides a technical deep dive into connecting, reading, visualizing, and alerting on a variety of BACnet devices commonly found in most buildings.
Losant Feb 24, 2022
Remote Management
ESP32 Remote Monitoring and Control with the Losant Embedded Edge Agent
In this webinar, Losant’s Chief Product Officer, Brandon Cannaday will provide a deep dive into using the EEA to remotely monitor and control an ESP32’s GPIO.  
Losant Feb 24, 2022
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