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Smart Cities
Libelium: Smart Parking Solution
Libelium has developed a smart parking solution utilizing radar technology for the precise detection of parking spaces.
Libelium May 22, 2023
Asset Safety in Hospitals
Borda Technology's Asset Safety product prevents asset loss in case of theft attempts or unauthorized movements, protects valuable assets, and avoids unnecessary expenses.
Borda Technology Mar 3, 2023
IoT Platforms
Say Goodbye to Mobile Device Downtime, Say Hello to SOTI XSight
SOTI XSight is the proactive business intelligence solution that tells you “why” there’s an issue and provides answers on “how” to solve it.
SOTI Feb 21, 2023
Contact Tracing
Borda Technology’s RTLS Contact Tracing
Borda Technology's RTLS contact tracing helps hospitals prevent the spread of infectious diseases among patients, staff, and visitors.
Borda Technology Jan 17, 2023
Borda Technology’s RTLS Patient Throughput Management
Borda Technology's RTLS patient throughput management can reduce patient waiting times and result in increased operating room use.
Borda Technology Jan 10, 2023
IoT Prototyping and Development
Very Rapidly Prototypes IoT Security Device
Tattlebox partnered with Very to build a low-power IoT security device that can track large, mobile assets from anywhere in the world.
Very Sep 6, 2022
Location Technology
NextNav Pinnacle Vertical Location Technology
NextNav's Pinnacle utilizes vertical location technology to enable you to futureproof your products, services, applications and more.
NextNav Aug 31, 2022
Scalable IoT Infrastructure: Designing for Modern Software Development
Very works with innovative agricultural manufacturer SurePoint Ag Systems to optimize their IoT infrastructure and engineering processes.
Very Aug 30, 2022
Anomaly Detection Software for Corrugated Machinery
Rich data displays, anomaly detection, and issue reporting help SUN to collect machine data that facilitates understanding of machine health.
Very Aug 15, 2022
Borda Technology’s Infant, Patient, and Staff Safety Solutions
Borda Technology's Infant, Patient, and Staff Safety Solutions create a safer hospital through real-time location tracking.
Borda Technology Aug 1, 2022
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