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Predictive Maintenance
MachineMetrics Predictive Maintenance
Power predictive analytics applications with high-frequency machine data to diagnose, predict, and avoid manufacturing equipment failure.
MachineMetrics Jan 14, 2021
Factory Automation
MachineMetrics Machine Monitoring and OEE Software
Visualize real-time manufacturing data, get access to historical production analytics, and make faster, more confident decisions.
MachineMetrics Jan 14, 2021
Remote Management
MachineMetrics Remote Machine Monitoring
Monitor OEE, machine utilization, and equipment downtime in real-time to maximize production efficiency.
MachineMetrics Jan 8, 2021
CenTrak Retail Wayfinding
We provide effective retail wayfinding services to increase efficiency, reduce confusion, and increase customer confidence and brand loyalty.
CenTrak Nov 17, 2020
Smart Home Automation
Yonomi Smart Home Platform
Yonomi makes it easy for innovators to build great apps and devices that connect with the smart home.
Yonomi Nov 17, 2020
Inventory Management
Automatically sense and record the location and movement of virtually everything in your retail store to deliver real competitive advantage
Zebra Technologies Nov 16, 2020
People Tracking
Banner Store Capacity Tracking
Our wireless technology makes it easier to monitor and control the number of customers moving in and out of a store.
Banner Engineering Nov 16, 2020
Contact Tracing
Losant Contact Tracing with IoT
Monitor real-time contact with IoT and create a safe environment for your team with Losant's contact tracing solution.
Losant Nov 3, 2020
Equipment Tracking
Qopper Construction Site Operations Monitoring
Our solution helps protect employee safety, improve customer satisfaction, and increase operating efficiency.
Qopper Nov 2, 2020
Transportation and Mobility
Cargo Data Cold Chain Monitoring System
Simplify in-transit temperature monitoring, chart viewing, product quality attribute documentation, and data archiving.
Cargo Data Corporation Nov 2, 2020