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Unlock Flexibility and Deeper Coverage with Hologram Hyper
Hologram Hyper is an eUICC SIM platform that helps organizations future-proof IoT deployments and scale faster globally with over-the-air coverage updates.
Hologram Feb 25, 2021
Vehicle Tracking
RecovR: Dealership Lot Management and Theft Recovery Solution
RecovR is a service to locate and recover your car, whether you are a car dealer or a car owner.
Kudelski IoT Feb 11, 2021
Eseye, Thales, and AWS Intelligent Cloud Connect
Discover the Intelligent Cloud Connect solution - designed to cut through the complexity of IoT and reduce product development timelines by 75%.
Eseye Feb 5, 2021
Remote Management
Banyan Hills Technologies’ Canopy IoT Software
Canopy from Banyan Hills Technologies is an enterprise IoT platform that lets you centrally monitor, manage and control connected devices at scale.
Banyan Hills Feb 4, 2021
Waste Management
BinLogix Smart Bins App – IoT Sensor Connectivity Platform
Our Bin Sensors measure fill levels, forecast when the bin will be full and automatically generate order proposals.
ISB Global Feb 1, 2021
Smart Agriculture
Libelium Smart Agriculture
Libelium's Smart Agriculture solutions include a wide range of agriculture sensors for a great variety of agricultural applications.
Libelium Feb 1, 2021
Property Management
Shield Management
With Shield IoT solutions, property managers can eliminate stresses associated with keeping track of their property and keeping their investments safe and up-to-date.
Tantiv4 Jan 31, 2021
Supply Chain and Logistics
The C RING is a modular platform for sensors and digital applications of various kinds for indoor and outdoor usage.
IoX GmbH Jan 31, 2021
With our RFID solution products get their individual DNA.
IoX GmbH Jan 31, 2021
Utility Management
Buddy Monitoring Solutions
Use Buddy Ohm to baseline energy usage and then identify opportunities to save energy at a building, floor or system level.
Buddy Jan 31, 2021