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Asset Tracking
SAP Asset Performance and Tracking System
Optimize asset performance by collecting and tracking equipment usage information in a central repository.
SAP Oct 22, 2020
Facilities Management
Zurn plumbSmart Backflow Valve Monitoring System
Manage and monitor your connected plumbing ecosystem. Uncover usage patterns, water consumption metrics, and preventative maintenance needs.
Zurn Industries Oct 12, 2020
Asset Tracking
Cognosos Outdoor Asset Management
Connecting your assets and inventory will empower you to streamline operations, accelerate revenue, and increase customer satisfaction.
Cognosos Oct 12, 2020
Fill Level Monitoring
Biz4Intellia Level Monitoring System
Remotely monitor liquid level in real-time to access the fluid level information, temperature, and RH on mobile phones as well as desktops.
Biz4Intellia Oct 12, 2020
Smart Home Automation
DigitalKeys IoT Smart Padlock
We improve the safety, security and controlled access of assets helping save companies time and money, and delivering peace of mind.
Digital Keys Oct 8, 2020
Equipment Tracking
Samsara Large Equipment Tracking
Get more out of your equipment with real-time GPS, remote access to diagnostics, and insights from automated reports
Samsara Oct 5, 2020
Fleet Management
Samsara Automotive Fleet Management
Samsara helps you reduce fuel costs by giving you coaching tools, route optimization, and fuel reporting all in one platform.
Samsara Oct 5, 2020
Oil and Gas
Biz4Intellia IoT for Oil-Theft Prevention
We help enforce the security of oil during its transportation. Through real-time monitoring, track the oil volume and detect leaks.
Biz4Intellia Oct 5, 2020
Leak Detection
Tantiv4 DetectIT -Smart IoT Water Sensor
Ensures a water leak is detected and an “instant notification” is provided to the property manager or home owner to take immediate action.
Tantiv4 Sep 25, 2020
People Tracking
BeherTech Worker Safety Solution
Effectively gather vast sensor data from diverse sources for a reliable 360-degree view of workers’ conditions with MYTHINGS.
BehrTech Sep 25, 2020