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Facilities Management
Onvation by Kimberly-Clark
Discover Onvation, your connected software solution for smart restroom servicing.
Kimberly-Clark Nov 11, 2021
Optimizing Cybersecurity in Your Autonomous Vehicle Designs
Automotive designers must be proactive in their new designs to consider ways to mitigate security attacks for each of type of connection.
Microchip Technology Inc. Oct 20, 2021
Cygnus Reach | Smart Medical Remote Support Solutions
Cygnus Reach provides end users in smart medical remote support solutions with quick support to provide optimal patient outcomes.
Cygnus Oct 12, 2021
Smart Manufacturing
Cygnus Reach | Smart Manufacturing Remote Support Solution
Avoid downtime and inefficiencies in manufacturing and condition monitoring with Cygnus Reach remote support.
Cygnus Oct 12, 2021
Smart Building
Cygnus Reach | Smart Buildings Remote Support
Cygnus Reach for Smart Buildings offers remote support to connected devices and sensors that is critical for customers.
Cygnus Oct 12, 2021
Consumer IoT
Cygnus Reach | Smart Kitchen Remote Support Solutions
Cygnus Reach remote support solution for your smart kitchen equipment and devices to avoid equipment failure and kitchen disasters.
Cygnus Oct 12, 2021
Cygnus Reach | Remote Support for Smart Agriculture
Integrate IoT in smart agriculture with Cygnus Reach to help farmers make more informed decisions to achieve higher crop yields and better quality produce and save costs.
Cygnus Oct 8, 2021
JT IoT – Connect Brazil
JT IoT Connect Brazil enables IoT roaming without time restrictions through partnership with local operators and connectivity management with JT IoT’s Nomad Connectivity Management Platform.
JT IoT Oct 8, 2021
Consumer IoT
Cygnus Reach | Remote Support for Smart Consumer Products
Reach is a remote support solution that allows you to see and interact with real-time device data, even without Wi-Fi or cellular connection on the device.
Cygnus Oct 5, 2021
Kajeet Connected Healthcare
Kajeet offers a comprehensive secure wireless solution to enable your telemedicine and telehealth programs. Bring your application and we can provide all you need to take your solution to market and s...
Kajeet Jul 23, 2021
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