Manufacturing’s Industrial IoT Platform

MachineMetrics Industrial IoT Platform transforms your shop floor data from insights into actions with powerful apps that reduce machine downtime, increase your throughput, and maximize profitability driven by your manufacturing equipment.

Why IIoT Projects Fail

  • Bad Data: Collecting data from plant assets is difficult, most platforms are unable to easily collect from a wide variety of machines.
  • Time and Cost: Generic IoT platforms require vast startup costs as well as significant effort to maintain.
  • No Domain Expertise: DIY and generic IoT solutions fail to deliver packaged Applications for manufacturers.
  • Poor Time to Value: It may be years before realizing ROI on IoT projects, or the project may fail altogether.

Why MachineMetrics Succeeds

  • Actionable Data Now: Plug-and-play adapters eliminate the need for time-consuming data tag mapping and standardization.
  • Easy to Deploy: MachineMetrics is quick to deploy and easy to scale across multiple machines and factories.
  • Vertical Expertise: We have deep manufacturing expertise to support domain-specific Applications.
  • Drive Rapid Value: Vertically focused, out-of-the-box apps drive immediate value for manufacturers.

Edge Platform

The foundation of any factory’s digital transformation begins with the automated capture, transformation, and contextualization, of machine data. MachineMetrics Edge Platform provides a scalable solution for manufacturers that can be self-installed to easily collect data from any piece of equipment and enable actionable machine insights in a matter of minutes.

Push data to the cloud or process and analyze at the source to provide operators critical and timely visibility needed to avoid potential downtime and production losses.

Cloud Platform

MachineMetrics Cloud platform ensures that all your data is gathered and processed in one centralized location so you can have secure, reliable remote access from anywhere in the world. Our Multi-tenant cloud platform leverages custom infrastructure uniquely optimized for machine data ingestion enabling instant analytics and insights, including machine performance/condition monitoring and reporting via APIs and BI-integrations, to help improve your ability to make decisions based on real data.

Manufacturing Apps

Our out-of-the-box apps deliver Applications that drive immediate actionability including real-time dashboards, historical reporting, rules-based workflows, and text/email notifications that deliver optimized processes to factory workers. Build your own apps, or seamlessly connect with your current shop floor systems to easily integrate machine data across your digital factory.

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