Pratexo edge computing platform-as-a-service accelerates the design, provisioning, and management of safety applications at the disaster site edge for K9 Solutions.



  • Buildings collapse via earthquakes, tornadoes, bombs
  • Difficulty in locating people and potential future dangers
  • Dogs and handlers are independent, isolated entities, efforts are not collaborative in real-time

K9 Solution:

  • Edge nodes put on each dog, powered by Pratexo, include a low power/weight computer and camera
  • System use machine learning for object detection in real-time
  • Other sensors (GPS, accelerometers) measure location and position, to reflect the real-time status of the dog
  • Mesh network allows communication across the entire system, even in complex environments with limited network communications
  • The solution allows for the development of swarm algorithms to orchestrate an autonomous collaboration between the dogs
  • Results reported to remote handlers who are able to coordinate overall efforts across multiple dogs

Technologies used:

  • Edge computing, EDA, IoT, AI/ML, distributed computing, mesh networking, mobile, OSS, swarm computing