For a new farmer, that wants to use sensors in their growing cycle, the state of the ecosystem is very intimidating. A typical grower has to gather the potential sensors types, RTUs, and software he/she wants to use, and contact each vendor to ask for compatibility. Pycno’s sensors allow friction-less installation and data collection, together with a powerful software, an API and export tools, because you own your data!

All in one, simple dashboard

  • Irrigation control
  • Advanced mapping and heatmaps
  • Growing degree days, Chilling hours
  • Weather forecast
  • Alerts based on rules

Intelligent forecasts

  • Combine data from Pycno sensors and local stations
  • Get notifications based on trends
  • Use local weather stations and satellite data
  • Predict diseases and insect growth
  • View any potential plant stress factors

Explore visually

  • Use heat-maps and colors to instantly identify trends in your field
  • Filter and visually analyse sensor data
  • Draw common crop, irrigation and soil areas

Monitor your soil

  • Know and understand your soil capacity
  • Optimise the rate and volume of water needed
  • Monitor soil temperature, for sensitive crops (e.g. Bulbs)

Apply phenological and disease models to your data

  • Select your variety and stage of crop
  • Predict disease and insect eruption
  • Calculate growing degree days
  • Calculate chilling hours
  • Understand stress factors that influence growth