Innovative organizations have to look beyond current technology to plan for the future. Learn how adding floor-level vertical positioning can futureproof your products, services, applications and more through NextNav’s Vertical Location Technology.

Introducing NextNav Pinnacle (Vertical Location Technology)
Altitude is a critical factor in many applications, particularly in urban areas and multistory buildings. From sensors to wearables, accurate altitude is essential to the effective use of location data. NextNav’s Pinnacle service goes beyond legacy 2D location technologies, providing altitude data with “floor level” accuracy.

  • Pinnacle delivers precise, “floor-level” vertical positioning for any geolocation solution
  • Developers can easily add Pinnacle to any application using NextNav’s easy to use SDKs and APIs
  • Ready to deploy with coverage across the US
  • No additional hardware needed

Enterprise IoT will be powered by next generation GPS

Designed for Mission-critical Applications
NextNav Pinnacle covers entire cities, not just buildings equipped with specific technology
• Independently proven to offer ±3m accuracy 94% of the time, exceeding FCC mandate
• Built for public safety and emergency services; reliable and accurate
• Works indoors and outdoors
• Compatible with most smartphones in market today
• Requires only SDK, API, or data service to access

Dramatic Step Forward in Location Awareness
• Over 55% of the world’s population lives in urban areas, where 2D location limits location accuracy
• Accurate altitude enables people and assets with far more precision, enabling more efficient services to end users and better accuracy.
• When combined with POI, building and other data, Pinnacle provides more complete user context
• Configurable for periodic or real-time access

Unlock the power of vertical positioning
NextNav Pinnacle opens up a wide range of new possibilities for first responders, application developers, and brands.
• First responders save more lives by finding victims faster in multi-story structures
• Incident commanders can protect the lives of first responders through increased
situational awareness
• Application developers increase brand value with improved user experience
• Geolocation-enabled companies see more revenue through increased
operational efficiency
• Gaming and AR companies open up new markets in urban areas