Sonora wireless autonomous sensors series, based on the LoRaWAN networking protocol – vibration and temperature, is the modernized, cost-effective, self-sustainable solution to your area of application. It helps in reducing the strain from asset managers, by making wagon management and monitoring easier.

The Core Technology – Vibration Energy Harvesting
All Sonora series sensors have integrated vibration energy harvesters that utilize Viezo piezoelectric polymer technology. Lifetime tests conducted in third party laboratories have proven that even under the moderate vibrations, the service lifetime of a product will reach 15 years. 

An Environmentally Friendly and Low-Cost Solution
Piezoelectric PVDF material is used to convert vibrations into electricity. The technology is based on the cantilever structure and as the cantilever vibrates, it generates electricity which is then stored in a supercapacitor. Afterwards the electricity from the capacitor is passed to the sensor, this way the use of batteries in Industrial IoT deployments can be avoided. By that, the end user will avoid unnecessary maintenance trips to the field, in addition to saving on operational costs.


1. Fast and easy installation
This is for many reasons including: no external wires or antennas, small size, multiple mounting variations (magnetic, screws, straps, etc.).

2. Instant data analysis on Edge
Collected acceleration data is analyzed inside the sensor and report is sent to the server over the LoraWAN network. This saves energy and reduces network bandwidth usage.

3. Remote Edge Management
The simple configuration of the sensor will be possible over the air; for example – sampling rate, sampling time, sending interval.

4. Keep data secure
The sensors are using full end-to-end LoRaWAN encryption, by that only the owner of the device will have access to the data being sent.

5. Cloud integration
The Things Stack (TTN, TTI), MQTT, REST API, AWS IoT Core, and others.

6. Long lifetime
SONORA self sustainable sensors have a 3 times prolonged lifespan compared to battery powered IoT sensors.

7. Small size
Its dimensions can mount to (101x50x26mm).

8. Can be integrated with customers software
This can be done through MQTT / REST API or other integration.

9. Self-sustainability
The biggest value added is due to the sensors’ longevity and autonomous design.

Benefits and Capabilities:

1. Condition Based Monitoring
It is by measuring level and frequency of vibrations, temperature, humidity, noise, detecting changes of these parameters and sending warnings.

2. Energy Efficiency Management
Sensor will monitor its supercapacitor charge level and energy harvester charging state. It can calculate if sensor is self-sustainable at this application or not.

3. Data-Driven Inventory Optimization
It is possible to apply with sonora sensors while using third party cloud services or SAAS.

4. Reduced Downtime, Delays
The proper timely monitoring with the help of the sensors results in preventing downtime and delays.

5. Reduced Waste from Unnecessary Maintenance
The waste that is caused by the tools used in the maintenance trips.

6. Customized Asset Management
It helps in locating the users’ assets keeping track of monitoring data.


  1. Vibration monitoring of flat spots
  2. Vibration monitoring of bearings
  3. Monitoring of shunting shocks
  4. Monitoring of Vibration shocks while wagons are in action
  5. Monitoring of rolling stock
  6. Monitoring of wagons


The SONORA Series compact plastic enclosure (101x50x26mm) is specifically designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. The device also incorporates a magnetic mount, which ensures a smooth & easy installation in any application. Harvester frequency range is 20-60Hz and energy storage is Supercap 30F. The operating temperature range from –30°C (–22F) to +70°C (+140F).

Get started with Viezo Sense & Log Demo Kit

Whether you’re just starting out, or looking to scale with the right partner you can test us out with no commitments. Try out our demo kit that contains everything you need to fully evaluate our devices. It contains Sonora Autonomous Wireless Sensors (configuration of your choice), and Terra-X Vibration Data Logger. Terra-X vibration data logger will help us find the perfect spot on your application and will allow us to finetune the devices for you. It is an extremely practical and robust Viezo solution, recording vibration measurement 24/7 for up to a week of operations.