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Backflow valve monitors send alerts in the event of valve failure, preventing damage and costly fines by allowing users to immediately address issues.

Backflow Valve Monitoring

Backflow valve monitors send alerts in the event of valve failure, preventing damage and costly fines by allowing users to immediately address issues.

What is IoT-Enabled Backflow Valve Monitoring?

Backflow prevention is vital to ensuring clean, uncontaminated water to communities, but with every facility or household takin responsibility for their own backflow prevention, it’s inevitable that failures occur. Backflow valve monitoring systems track the position of backflow valves and test pressure via IoT-enabled sensors and send alerts in case of valve failure, allowing users to immediately assess and correct the problem, preventing water supply contamination and costly fines.

Value Proposition

Traditional backflow valves must be manually checked for failure. These tests are typically conducted annually by a licensed plumber and consist primarily of checks for unexpected pressure (or lack thereof) in various parts of the system.

Because backflow valves are typically tucked out of the way of normal operations in a house or facility, failures may go unnoticed for weeks or months before an annual assessment, causing dangerous contamination or property and equipment damage if left unchecked.

Backflow valve monitors check the status of a backflow valve on regular intervals and send the data to a connected mobile phone or browser, enabling owners and facility managers real-time access to real-time and historical data on the backflow valve’s performance.

This is especially valuable when multiple stakeholders need access to data, as accessing the dashboard prevents the opportunity for communication errors to occur, or when one facility manager or owner must test and maintain multiple backflow valves or multiple sites.

How it Works

Backflow valve monitors can be built into new backflow prevention devices, or can be retrofitted to existing, legacy preventers. These systems use IoT-enabled sensors to detect and identify the backflow valve’s position, as well as measure water pressure. In the case of failure or unexpected pressure readings, these devices can shut off water supply and alert a manager or owner, in order to prevent damage or backflow.

In addition to responding to equipment failure, access to the water supply can be controlled remotely, allowing managers greater control over water supply in case of maintenance.

Key Benefits of IoT-Enabled Backflow Valve Monitoring

  • Eliminate surprise results from annual backflow preventer inspections and gain peace of mind.
  • Receive real-time alerts to backflow valve failure or unexpected drops in pressure – allowing you to act instantly to prevent contamination or damage.
  • Monitor multiple backflow preventers with one online dashboard and enable access to multiple stakeholders, eliminating the possibility of communication error.
  • Remotely shut off water supply to prevent flooding, even when you’re not on-site.


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