Consumer Boat Management

    Illustration: © IoT For All

    Consumer boat management solutions allow boat owners to keep an eye on their boats from anywhere, using IoT-enabled sensors to monitor performance and give real-time updates on a boat’s status and location.

    On average, consumer boats are utilized fewer than 20 days per year. That provides for an average of 345 days for boat owners to wonder if their boat is safe and in good operating condition. Not to mention when owners go out of town or are unable to get to the marina during or immediately after storms.

    IoT-enabled consumer boat management solutions allow boat owners to check-in on their boats from anywhere. Rather than wonder if their boat has been tampered with, or if they remembered to turn off the lights, or if the battery needs to be changed, owners can instantly check-in and manage systems remotely.

    Sensors on the boat monitor performance and alert owners of issues like breaches or low batteries before they become a problem. GPS tracking allows boat owners to log their outings and ensure that their boat is exactly where it’s supposed to be, even if they can’t make it to the dock or marina.

    Key Benefits of Consumer Boat Management

    • Receive alerts if a boat leaves a designated area.
    • Keep automated logs on past trips.
    • Monitor equipment performance and receive notifications when maintenance is needed.