Alex Jablokow, Author at IoT For All

Alex Jablokow

Alex specializes in writing about interesting and underexplored niches of IoT (particularly industrial IoT), medical devices, and healthcare IT. Despite being an engineer and a science fiction writer, he inclines Luddite-lite. Along with the Elephant's Child, he is full of 'satiable curiosity.

How IoT Uses Sensors to Add Intelligence to Concrete Infrastructure

Most infrastructure problems remain invisible until they have significant negative consequences. IoT makes the invisible visible with sensors and remote monitoring.

Improving Research Laboratory Operations with IoT

Research labs use sophisticated management software, but have trouble monitoring a wide range of equipment. IoT can assist with operational decisions to improve laboratory productivity.

How IoT Will Improve the Use of Medical Devices for Home Health

Medical devices are increasingly being used for home healthcare. IoT monitoring will supply clinicians and device designers with clear usage data, enabling better patient training and improved devi...