Alex Jablokow, Author at IoT For All

Alex Jablokow

Alex specializes in writing about interesting and underexplored niches of IoT (particularly industrial IoT), medical devices, and healthcare IT. Despite being an engineer and a science fiction writer, he inclines Luddite-lite. Along with the Elephant's Child, he is full of 'satiable curiosity.

How Will IoT Revolutionize Pharmaceutical Manufacturing?

Real-time asset management using IoT sensor data and predictive maintenance will be essential to the success and revolution of manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry.

How IoT Keeps Mine Workers Breathing Underground

Although adoption in the mining industry has been slow, IoT may prove a powerful technology for keeping mine workers safe.
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Smart Heavy Metal: Retrofitting IoT in Brownfield Industrial Sites

While the typical Industrial IoT demo uses gleaming new equipment, most of this country's working industrial assets are years and even decades old. It doesn't make financial sense to replace expens...