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Amritpal Singh

Performance Manager, Apptunix

Amritpal Singh is an accomplished author and tech enthusiast affiliated with Apptunix. With a passion for innovation and a keen eye for detail, he brings a unique perspective to his writing. Amritpal's expertise lies in exploring the intersection of technology and human experience, with a particular focus on mobile app development, augmented reality,IOT,Blockchain,AI and the ever-expanding realm of the digital landscape. His insightful articles and engaging content reflect his deep understanding of emerging trends and his commitment to providing valuable insights to readers worldwide. Connect with him to stay updated on the latest developments in the tech world.

Preparing for the Next Wave of Innovation AI and the Metaverse

Preparing for the Next Wave of Innovation: AI and the Metaverse

Artificial intelligence is the foundation technology upon which the metaverse relies, and it is changing the world with great speed.
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