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ANT is a proven protocol and silicon solution for ultra-low power (ULP) practical wireless networking applications. ANT+ facilitates interoperability between ANT+ Alliance member devices and the collection, automatic transfer, and tracking of sensor data. Applicable in sport, wellness management, and home health monitoring, ANT+ (built on the base ANT protocol) defines device profiles that specify data formats, channel parameters, and network keys.

ANT Wireless protocol is an ultra-low power (UPL) technology called ANT and ANT+. ANT/ANT+ is the only UPL provider to offer limitless device interoperability for the simplest, most expandable, and most reliable user experience for any device that needs to connect wirelessly.

ANT Wireless solutions are making the Internet of Things (IoT) work, today. ANT Wireless currently empowers innovative companies in wellness and fitness, sports, wearables, home automation, industrial and commercial automation, hospitality, and healthcare segments to provide tangible solutions that drive interoperability in these markets that are expanding every day.

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