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Bevywise Networks

Bevywise Networks is an IoT company with the objective of creating the next-generation IoT Frameworks and tools that enable communication between the different components in the connected world. It is an end-to-end product & solution provider for all IoT / IIoT requirements. Bevywise develops device agents and MQTT brokers that collect device status & communicate between devices, client software & hardware to add intelligence for analyzing & interpreting data, and simulators to test & demo devices. In addition to the Frameworks. Bevywise also provides advanced solutions for the manufacturing industry for production monitoring and machine monitoring for predicting failures.

Vision Technology in Medical Manufacturing

Vision Technology in Medical Manufacturing

Revolutionize medical manufacturing with cutting-edge vision tech and Industry 4.0 for precision and efficiency.
Elevating MQTT Broker Availability with Inter-Broker Communicator

Elevating MQTT Broker Availability and Inter-Broker Communication

Within the architecture of MQTT brokers, the Inter-Broker Communicator (IBC) takes center stage, acting as a vital component.
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