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With over a decade of experience in "IoT for Healthcare," Borda Technology helps hospitals worldwide with their digital transformation and smart hospital journeys through global award-winning IoT products. Borda transforms technology into operational awareness by using IoT data collected through sensors, without the need for human intervention, with 10 different products such as Asset Management, Patient Throughput Management, Infant Safety, Staff Safety, and Work Demand Management. The result is better patient care, increased operational efficiency, enhanced safety, and advanced patient experience. Operating in more than 15 countries with offices in the US, Sweden, and Turkey, Borda currently shows a presence in 50+ million sqft. of hospital space, manages more than 1 million hospital assets, and maximizes thousands of patient' processes.

Improving The Hospital Admission and Discharge Process

Improving The Hospital Admission and Discharge Process via RTLS Patient Tracking

RTLS can be a solution to the problem of delay in hospital admission and discharge, which is a major issue in hospital management.
hospital assets and rtls

How to Track and Manage Hospital Assets through RTLS

Learn about how RTLS systems in healthcare can reduce operational assets costs and increase time spent with patients.
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