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Brad Canham

Brad is a marketing to sales tech guy, from a small town who wound up in a big city talking about the future. He's not quite mastered the art of warm personal conversation, but he's willing to keep trying. There's more if you Google him, though he's not the minister.


Hannover-Messe 2019 and the Slovakian Engineer’s Joke: Industry 4.0’s Inflection Point

Previously conservative manufacturing groups, like those in Germany, have leaped forward in acceptance of wireless IIoT. Industry 4.0 is penetrating the infrastructure of businesses and governments.

Hannover-Messe 2018 Recap: Industrial IoT, Predictive Maintenance Marketplace Factors

To attend Hannover-Messe 2018, Industry 4.0, is to walk through paradoxes of the large and small, solid and wave-like, human and technological. While it is a temporary event, it is also a solid sn...

IoT Solutions World Congress 2017 Recap: IoT in an Age of Revolution

Before we launch into a “technological triumphalism” report on the gleanings from the 2017 IOT Solutions World Congress - Barcelona (IoTSWC17), lets take a little “bird walk” around the wider stage...
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