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The Brydge SDK connects offline devices to mobile apps for 50x faster session speeds, 90% cheaper IT costs, and 100% uptime

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Meet Brydge IoT

Brydge's founders were tired of losing data when their IoT devices went offline, so they made Brydge, an IoT SDK designed to help developers create dependable and efficient IoT solutions. Offering a 100% uptime guarantee, Brydge aims to improve the process of building connected devices for individuals and professionals in our increasingly connected world.

The user-friendly platform simplifies IoT development, making it more approachable for both experienced developers and beginners. By providing easy integration and a strong foundation, Brydge allows creators to enhance their IoT projects, ensuring consistent operation and high performance, no matter the size or complexity of the system.

Brydge IoT
Brydge IoT
Using BLE to get you 100% IoT uptime
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