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Calchip's seasoned leadership team in the IoT Market brings a solid knowledge base and passion to support users from around the globe and connect them with the highest performing devices available on the market today.

Meet CalChip Connect

TJ Rancour is a visionary and an all-around IoT Evangelist whose mission is to “connect the dots” with IoT solutions and technology. Founding Member and President of CalChip Connect, he specializes in not only connecting devices, but also connecting people and companies to help bring IoT to the masses.

We consider our partners primary customers. In fact, every engagement we’re involved with is a customer opportunity for us to help improve the IoT ecosystem. We work at leveraging our team’s intelligence and the relationships we have with our various partnerships to help connect the dots and really make our end customers and all the folks we work with deploy the very best solutions that drive a great customer experience.

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