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Cassia Networks

Cassia Networks is the leading provider of enterprise Bluetooth IoT products and solutions. Cassia Bluetooth gateways support long-range communication (up to 1km), one-to-many connections (up to 40), flexible backhaul (Ethernet/Wi-Fi/Cellular), easy integration with custom application software, and strong edge computing support. Cassia’s IoT Access Controller software (AC) can be deployed in the cloud or on local servers and support’s easy and centralized management, end-to-end security, Bluetooth locationing, and Bluetooth roaming. Cassia’s AC is also highly scalable and flexible. Using Cassia’s Bluetooth IoT products and solutions, enterprises can access, locate, and manage a large number of Bluetooth devices anywhere, any-time reliably, securely, and easily.

Bluetooth for IIoT Condition Monitoring

Bluetooth for IIoT Condition Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance

Bluetooth has been widely leveraged in IIoT due to its low-power consumption, low cost, ubiquity, and interoperability.
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