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What makes CenTrak the Smarter RTLS?

Clinical-Grade Locating™ – CenTrak’s Second Generation Infrared (Gen2IR™) delivers certainty-based location data covering rooms, beds, bays, nursing stations, hallway segments, and other relevant workflow areas. Rapid location and condition updates reliably capture interactions between equipment, patients, and staff within seconds.

Multiple form factors – Largest selection of tags, including reusable, single-use, infant, wander, and staff badges, provide options for all types of patients and care environments. Multi-Mode Technology – A unique combination of Wi-Fi, CenTrak’s Gen2IR, Low-Frequency RF, UHF Active RFID, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and others to future-proof investment and maximize ROI.

Easy Installation – Battery-powered devices are easily installed in patient care areas without the need to close rooms or deploy special infection prevention measures.

Interoperability – Open location platform for seamless integration with both existing and new applications, including Nurse Call, Electronic Health Records, Capacity Management, Bed Management, Asset Management, Computerized Maintenance Management, and Hand Hygiene Compliance.

Reliability – Ensures critical location, condition, and status updates are delivered to the application level. Enterprise-class monitoring provides at-a-glance visibility. Devices and tags are equipped with long-lasting batteries.

The Power of IoT Location Technology in Hospitals

The Power of IoT Location Technology in Hospitals

As IoT and location technology progress in healthcare, hospitals see improvements on both the clinical and operational sides.
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A Flexible, More Affordable Approach to Location Services for Healthcare

By leveraging multiple wireless technologies and multi-mode devices and sensors, healthcare organizations can balance location services precisely and affordably.
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