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CloudFactory provides a tech-forward, professionally managed workforce solution with all the benefits of a trained internal team. Its teams are agile, scale fast, and process routine, critical data work with high accuracy on virtually any platform. And as an impact sourcing service provider (ISSP), CloudFactory creates economic and leadership opportunities for talented people in developing nations. Trusted by 100+ companies, it processes millions of tasks a day for companies including Microsoft,, Ibotta, and GM-Cruise Automation.


3 Steps to Get Clean, Structured Data You Trust

It’s their least favorite part of the job, yet it consumes most of their time. Data wrangling - or gathering and preparing dirty data so it can be used in critical business applications - is the bi...

The Leading Causes of Dirty Data

The world is producing data at exponential rates. By 2025, the global datasphere will include 10 times the amount of data generated last year alone, according to IDC’s Data Age 2025. All of this da...

3 Kinds of Data that Do More Harm than Good

Data is today’s gold, representing huge potential value for businesses. By analyzing lots of data, you can discover patterns that can help you introduce efficiency, make smarter decisions, innovat...
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