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Radientum is an antenna design, testing, and consulting company. We have the engineers and the tools to bring superior wireless connectivity to your products. With up to 20 years of experience from Nokia & Microsoft, our engineers can design any compactly-integrated antennas from the very first concept innovation through Over-The-Air verification to ready-made prototypes.

Our 100 years of product creation experience in the mobile industry guarantees optimal wireless performance for your device. With a unique and developed way of simulation, we help your product development to be cost-effective and speed up time-to-market, which results in a higher Return On Investment (ROI).

Our expertise covers a wide range of wireless technologies including WIFI, RFID, NFC, GNSS, Cellular, Bluetooth, NB-IoT, UWB, and LoRa/Sigfox.

We believe in delivering high-quality designs and insights using our extensive experience in antenna design as well as modern simulation tools that allow an excellent match between simulations and measurements.

This allows our customers to reduce the number of prototyping rounds as antennas no longer need tuning before other tests. Our offering covers everything from first concept studies to production-ready prototypes which means faster development time that leads to reduced costs.

Our specialization is small custom-designed, highly-integrated antennas. However, if you don’t have space constraints for your antennas, we can help you select the best “off-the-shelf” solution and integrate it into your device.

The importance of the antenna in IoT product development

The Importance of the Antenna in IoT Product Development

The importance of an IoT product’s antenna cannot be overstated. This article discusses how antenna performance can shape the customer’s perception of a product and thereby influence a product’s su...
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