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We are a hardware company that believes things should be simple. Through fierce dedication to design principles, our clients achieve scale without compromising quality and customization. We can take concepts and/or ideas and transform them into workable prototypes within as little as six weeks.

CoreKinect delivers high-value hardware solutions at scale to some of the largest brands on the planet.

Asset Tracking

We use a proprietary antenna integration scheme for precise coordinates. Devices use high-quality Swiss-made components and have years of battery life on a single charge, plus a solar charging option. Other features include G-Force movement detection, near-field communication, inductive charging option, over-the-air upgrading, and extended temperature design.

Fleet Management

Proprietary locking design reduces theft, tampering, and loss. Provides remote access to complete vehicle diagnostics. Units have high-precision GPS, accurate up to 2 meters. Includes onboard accelerometer to detect vehicle movement via algorithms for efficient power consumption and reporting, including remote monitoring of vehicle speed. Easy upgrades with over-the-air capability

Smart Home

A typical home has many different systems in it. The integration of these systems is the basis for a Smart Home. Using the Internet of Things, you can make your life simpler and your home a safer place.

Smart City

The rise of the smart city is built upon data-gathering sensors designed to communicate in harmony. This harmonious orchestration delivers real-time information that can be used to reduce costs, improve safety, and improve quality of life. CoreKinect is highly experienced in developing solutions such as waste disposal sensors and water meters. The hardware required for these solutions, often exposed to severe environmental conditions, must be able to withstand weather elements. Additionally, these sensors require ultra-low power consumption to extend the serviceable life of the device, justifying the cost of installation.

Our devices use interconnectivity to communicate with one another, creating a daisy chain effect that provides more value than the sum of its parts. For example, a vehicle tracker can communicate with an employee badge and that badge can speak with another asset tracker so that there's visibility into who is driving and what, where, and when that person may have dropped off a particular asset.

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