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Cory Williamson

Cory Williamson is a Delivery Lead at Nerdery, a digital business consultancy. He has been involved with project planning, product development and growing client partnerships for more than a decade. Cory is passionate about creating strong teams that build and scale world-class digital products, solving real problems through emerging technologies like IoT and AR/VR. Cory is able to deliver best practices in agile development and methodologies, product thinking and go-to-market solutions.

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How to Plan Your IIoT Solution for Long-Term Scalability

Adopting IIoT products is essential to maintaining a competitive edge in today’s digital landscape; however, failing to plan for long-term scalability can create obstacles on the pathway to success...

How to Prepare Your Business and Team for an IIoT Initiative

Leveraging the right internal and external people and skill sets and being upfront with communication lead to successful IIoT initiatives.
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