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The Sensor is an innovative product developed by Agis Automatisering. It comprises a moulded chip that can be connected to an electronic eartag of a cow for monitoring cow welfare 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The CowManager® system contains 4 modules: Fertility, Health, Nutrition and Find my Cow. The Sensor gives you a lot of information about your herd, saves labour and ensures a sustainable herd.

The CowManager system offers:
  • Optimal oestrus detection
  • Precise timing of insemination and a reduction in the number of inseminations
  • Shortening of the calving interval
  • Rapid detection of disease outbreaks
  • Continuous monitoring of the herd
  • An understanding of eating behaviour and dietary change
  • Continuous measuring of rumination behaviour
  • Find your cows with the ‘find my cow’ application
  • A well-organized app on your Android smartphone
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