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At Cuelogic, we develop software for leading edge startups across the globe as well as for Fortune 500 enterprises looking to compete with unicorns.

Cuelogic is a US and India-based technology consulting and outsourced product development services company.

We deliver innovations with our lean cross-functional full stack teams comprising of engineering, data science, cloud infrastructure, and designers to drive meaningful value by leveraging continuous delivery, data-driven analytics, and predictive models to bring about intelligent product development.

We work with the world’s leading startups, large enterprises, consumers, and high-traffic companies to optimize their data and cloud strategy with best-of-breed multi-cloud solutions, modernizing and maintaining mission-critical systems with immersive UX, high performance, resiliency, and best-in-class security from our India development centers.

Our specialty lies in bringing together engineering excellence with product thinking in a DevOps culture to enable our start-up to Fortune 500 customers continuously digitally transform, optimize for revenue, reduce costs, experiment rapidly, and innovate in a way that delivers true business value and sustained competitive edge for decades to come. We currently have around 300 full-stack employees across North America and two delivery centers in India, and we are hiring for over 100+ global positions. Our employees are our greatest asset and we are an ‘employee first’ organization by design.

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