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We equip, guide, and empower organizations on the journey to Data Fluency.


Wien, Wien, Austria


Meet DAIN Studios

DAIN Studios is a leading data and AI consultancy that empowers businesses to become data-driven organizations. We offer end-to-end solutions ranging from strategy to operations optimization, helping clients across different industries such as healthcare, automotive, and financial services to overcome their unique challenges and identify new data-driven opportunities.

Our team of over 80 experts brings extensive business experience and deep knowledge in data and AI to deliver comprehensive analysis, strategy, and implementation services. We prioritize ethical data practices and the protection of individual consumer rights to ensure that our solutions are not only effective but also responsible.

In addition, we recognize the importance of data fluency in today's business landscape and the need for everyone to understand, work, and live with data. That's why we established DAIN Academy, a trusted partner for measurable, KPI-driven workforce data transformation programs. Our workshops on generative AI further reinforce our commitment to developing data fluency among individuals and teams.

With offices in Helsinki, Berlin, Munich, and Vienna, DAIN Studios has a proven track record of helping businesses leverage data and AI to drive growth and innovation. Our success in delivering top-quality services has been acknowledged with the Top Consultant Award 2022.

DAIN Studios
DAIN Studios
Helping organizations to become data-fluent
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