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DAIN Studios' mission is to deliver science-based solutions that are intuitive, irresistible, and impactful. Our experts are quipped to deliver data/AI driven solutions for your business dilemmas and identify new data-driven opportunities.

Here at DAIN Studios, we strive to be achievement oriented, curious, and to encourage teamwork. These are values we practice in our work as we collaborate among the teams and develop solutions that go beyond the expectations of our customers.

We have worked with clients across different industries such as healthcare, automotive, financial services and more, delivering high-quality customized solutions. With our focus on delivering tangible business value, DAIN Studios has acquired its current broad clientele.

Founded in March 2016 in Finland, DAIN Studios began as a team of data scientists and engineers providing data science services to clients. As the company's reputation grew, we expanded our services and currently offer a wide range of solutions such as data strategy, data engineering, machine learning, and AI. In only a few years, DAIN Studios has become a leading consulting firm in data science, operating in Helsinki, Berlin, Munich, and Vienna.

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