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Datablaze provides IoT connectivity and fully managed IoT service solutions including custom GPS tracking for fleet and asset management.

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Datablaze is at the forefront of IoT connectivity and fully-managed service solutions with a large base of customers and subscribers, both domestically and internationally. Datablaze has active M2M and IoT deployments in over 125 countries.

By working directly with the world’s top cellular carriers to build leading-edge IoT products and integrations, Datablaze delivers successful customer-driven deployments globally. Datablaze provides 2G/3G/4G-LTE/5G/NB-IoT/CATM connectivity and management, with web, mobile, and API access.

Accurate and simple reporting allows better downstream billing and cost management across deployments. Datablaze supports multi-carrier deployments, smart SIMs, multi-carrier SIMs, and smart switching between carriers for optimal coverage and cost savings.

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Eagle, ID, USA
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