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Atmosic’s innovative Lowest Power Wireless Technologies are designed to aggressively reduce connected device dependence on battery power, thus enabling battery free or forever battery devices to address the emergent opportunities of connected IoT devices. Our lowest power technologies are achieved through the combination of Lowest Power Radio and On-demand Receive, providing the industry’s lowest power consumption, and Controlled Energy Harvesting, making devices “energy independent”.

industrial energy harvesting

The Role of Industrial Energy Harvesting in Manufacturing and Industry 4.0

Many smart devices require batteries which need to be changed often. Industrial energy harvesting offers a battery-free, sustainable option.
photovoltaic energy iot

Using Photovoltaic Energy to Drive Battery-Free IoT

Photovoltaic energy can help IoT continue to move towards more sustainable, cost-effective, and battery-free devices.
Energy Harvesting

How Energy Harvesting Will Impact the Future of Holiday Shopping

The combination of energy harvesting, bluetooth, and on-demand wake-up technology could potentially overhaul the retail industry.
Glucose meter energy

How Energy Harvesting Will Improve Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems

The wearable healthcare industry is increasingly turning to ultra-low-power wireless technology solutions.
Energy Harvesting

Transforming IoT with Energy Harvesting

Energy harvesting technology can help make healthcare, hospitality, retail, smart home, and sports more efficient and sustainable.
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