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David Houghton

David has over 25 years experience working at the intersection of technology, business and performance improvement in a variety of strategic planning, management, operations, business development and sales posts. Currently, Mr. Houghton is the GM, Asset Tracking Solutions for NimbeLink and has previously worked in roles including Head of Enterprise IoT for James Brehm & Associates, Director for Bright Wolf, and CEO of Veedims. Mr. Houghton holds a BA in Economics from Villanova University.

Asset Tracking and Location-Based Technologies

Asset Tracking and Location-Based IoT Technologies: A Comparison

Asset location tracking is one of the dominant use cases of IoT because companies need to know where their stuff is.
full stack iot

The IoT Stack Tension – Full Stack IoT vs. Custom Stack IoT

I don’t think anyone will argue that an IoT solution utilizes a ‘stack’ of services - in general; think of ‘thing’, network, infrastructure, data store, application and enterprise integration. A r...
Why the Slow Adoption of IoT? It's Because IoT is Hard

Why the Slow Adoption of IoT? It’s Because IoT is Hard

The adoption of IoT is off to a slow start and there’s a reason — it’s hard. So hard, Gartner predicts through 2018 that 75% of IoT projects will take up to twice as long as planned.
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