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David Houghton
David is the Head of Enterprise IoT for James Brehm & Associates, an IoT market intelligence firm. He has started and operated a systems integration/consulting practice from scratch, led the sale of a software startup for $24m, served as the CEO of an IoT/cloud/automation technology startup, and much more. With over 25 years of demonstrated success in IT and IoT, David drives strategy, execution, and organizational growth.
full stack iot

The IoT Stack Tension – Full Stack IoT vs. Custom Stack IoT

I don’t think anyone will argue that an IoT solution utilizes a ‘stack’ of services - in general; think of ‘thing’, network, infrastructure, data store, application and enterprise integration. A recent...
Why the Slow Adoption of IoT? It's Because IoT is Hard

Why the Slow Adoption of IoT? It’s Because IoT is Hard

By now, you know that IoT sits at the intersection of the digital and the physical, dramatically extending the reach of information technology. As the natural evolution of automation, the adoption...

IoT Needs to Die

When I asked him how he defined IoT, it became clear he viewed it as a piece of technology. All I could do was sigh, as I said to myself, “IoT...