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Varistor Edu is a part of Varistor Technologies Pvt.Ltd. It is an educational platform which provides training and courses on the latest technologies such as IoT (Internet Of Things), Embedded Systems, Digital Marketing, and Artifical Intelligence and cyber security. Varistor Technologies established by NIT Meghalaya Alumni in 2016 with the vision to focus on latest technical education and businesses that will add value to the society.

Varistor Technologies Pvt Ltd is an Indian conglomerate company headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India specializing in e-commerce, retail, manufacturing, education, and technology. Varistor Technologies established in 2016 by Mr. Subham Charan & Mr. Kuldeep Singh Shivran with the vision to focus on businesses that will add new values to the society. We ensure a stress-free buying experience by providing superior services and products that cater to our customer's individual needs. We always try to convey our services with the best care, knowledge and a passion for excellence. Varistor runs by a core team of highly qualified professionals with a deep understanding of the products and services.
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Integrating IoT into Healthcare, Agriculture and Transportation Applications

IoT technologies are expanding into new sectors every day. Let's discuss healthcare, agriculture and transportation IoT Applications.
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