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Wireless LoRaWAN sensors for smart buildings, cities and industries.

ELSYS was founded in 2005 by professors from the Department of Applied Physics and Electronics at Umeå University. We are still based in Umeå, Sweden, with an expanding team where we do all of the design and development of our products.

With more than a decade of gathered knowledge of wireless sensors has ELSYS grown to be leading in its field. We have a wide range of sensors for smart buildings compatible with all markets and any LoRaWAN network provider, which makes it possible to use them worldwide. Our focus has always been to develop quality products that are easy to use and require low maintenance. The device's battery life is up to ten years, has NFC for configurations, and has a Scandinavian design.

ELSYS values open communication with customers and partners and are keen to establish and keep relationships. With a close and knowledgeable team, we can really listen and understand a customer's needs and, in special cases, offer customized sensors. We are an agile company always looking for new opportunities and adapting to the latest trends within wireless sensors. ELSYS is sensing tomorrow and is striving to be in the front of the market.

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