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Everactive develops ultra-low-power sensor packages that allow developers to build completely batteryless and always-on wireless devices.

Everactive develops proprietary ultra-low-power semiconductors that solve the scaling challenges plaguing the IoT by allowing developers to build completely batteryless and always-on wireless devices.

Spun out of research labs at the University of Michigan and the University of Virginia, the company’s robust IP portfolio includes patents on category-defining wakeup radios, energy harvesting & power management circuits, and low-power sub-threshold digital design.

The company’s world-renowned team of silicon and embedded design experts integrated those blocks into a system-on-chip (SoC), while also implementing several key networking and system-level designs. The result is a 1,000x reduction in power requirements that enables small form-factor wireless devices to operate indefinitely from tiny amounts of harvested energy. By overcoming the lifetime limitations and data restrictions imposed by batteries, Everactive technology delivers an explosion of new physical-world data streams.

The key differentiator between Everactive and the scores of other IoT providers is that Everactive packs the most complete punch at the lowest power levels. Existing IoT solutions force users to choose between device lifetime and data quality (as measured by both throughput and frequency of transmission). With Everactive, users can finally generate the data that they need without sacrificing on device lifetime to achieve the scale long imagined for the IoT.

Energy Harvesting in Shower Heads

Energy Harvesting in Shower Heads

With a very simple and inexpensive method, users can explore power sources in rather unique areas like the shower.
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