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We unlock the data generated by connected devices, sensors and machines at the edge, whether it’s the factory floor or a retail store, and make it available for enterprise integration.


Industry 4.0
The Benefits of Using MQTT to Warp Speed to Industry 4.0
Our webinar on October 6th at 11 am ET discusses the benefits of MQTT and the challenges of digital transformation in manufacturing. ...
FairCom Sep 14, 2022
Industry 4.0
Is MQTT Becoming the De Facto Standard of Industry 4.0?
This webinar explores how MQTT has been helping system integrators overcome challenges of hybrid integrations for Industry 4.0 projects....
FairCom Jul 11, 2022
Industry 4.0
How To Create Domain-Specific Database Servers
Build & deploy a domain-specific database server as a microservice with GraphQL endpoints using Quarkus, Smallrye, and FairCom DB....
FairCom Jun 13, 2022
How To Collect, Store, and Query IoT Data With MQTT + SQL
FairCom EDGE can be deployed as a dedicated MQTT broker and maps them to tables within its underlying relational database....
FairCom Jun 13, 2022
Extending the Life of COBOL Applications
This webinar explains how to modernize COBOL data access by replacing data files with a database & how to do it transparently....
FairCom May 24, 2022
Industry 4.0
Industrial IoT in Action: Digital Twins With MQTT & ThingWorx
This webinar in Faircom's edge series will focus on Industrial IoT digital twins and dynamic virtual models of physical assets....
FairCom May 24, 2022

Meet FairCom

FairCom EDGE simplifies the integration of sensor and machine data at the source – whether it’s a factory, water treatment plant, oil platform or wind farm. The world’s first converged IoT/Industrial IoT hub, FairCom EDGE unifies messaging, persistence and analytics with an all-in-one solution – complete with browser-based administration, configuration and monitoring.

FairCom EDGE supports MQTT and OPC UA for machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, SQL for interactive analytics and HTTP/REST for real-time monitoring. It continuously retrieves data from sensors and machines with OPC UA support, and receives messages from those with MQTT support. The data is automatically parsed, persisted and made accessible via MQTT and SQL.

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