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Farai Mazhandu

Farai Mazhandu is an IoT Consultant at Frontline Contracting. Frontline Contracting is an IoT solutions integration company focused on the construction industry. We help construction companies to understand IoT and deploy appropriate solutions that solve important problems and improve business outcomes.

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IoT Applications in Construction

IoT-enabled devices and sensors are collecting construction job site data in a more affordable, efficient and effective way than previously imaginable.

How Covid19 is Accelerating Adoption of IoT in Construction

Construction sites around the world are reopening and the industry employs tens of thousands of employees. Industry leaders must take proactive steps to ensure sites are safe and best practices for...

How AI and IoT Provide Value in Construction

See how AI and IoT are improving data collection, efficiency, and worker safety in the construction industry, both on-site and off.
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