Farai Mazhandu, Author at IoT For All

Farai Mazhandu

Farai Mazhandu is the IoT Consultant and co-founder of Frontline Contracting. Frontline Contracting in an IoT solutions integration company focused on the construction industry. We help construction companies to understand IoT and deploy appropriate solutions in order to solve important problems that improve business outcomes. At a personal level, Farai is a lifelong learner who takes on the challenge of communicating complex concepts like quantum physics and IoT to diverse audiences.

Implications of IoT Security in Construction Use Cases

Security is one of the most important areas in IoT. It is a major topic for discussion within organizations in the construction industry.

IoT Applications in Construction

IoT-enabled devices and sensors are collecting construction job site data in a more affordable, efficient and effective way than previously imaginable.

How IoT Is Enhancing Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

Effective Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) depends upon reliable and real-time updates. IoT paired with AI can optimize and extend SHM.

IoT Applications in Construction: Concrete Curing Monitoring

The construction industry is sluggish when it comes to embracing new ideas and technologies. One of the areas where IoT is making an impact is in the curing of concrete. Companies that are adopting technology are witnessing significant improvements in productivity, efficiency, safety, and convenience.