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Golioth is a straightforward commercial IoT development platform built for scale. Speed up development and increase the chances that your pilots will be put into production with a full featured platform of firmware, services & cloud management.




Meet Golioth

First and foremost, Golioth is a cloud platform. We offer APIs in the form of “Device Services” and cloud processing for your IoT fleet. For developers, this means you can point their embedded devices at these endpoints on the web and have access to some really advanced capabilities.

Why build Golioth at all? We see product teams creating these same functions over and over again with their cloud teams, with no standardization and without flexibility across cloud providers. What’s worse, these features are tough to build until development teams grow to a certain size. With Golioth, we have standardized an offering of key services and make them available from day one of hardware development.

An IoT deployment is nothing without hardware, and we want to support as much choice as possible. That’s why we support our community by offering the Golioth SDK built on top of Zephyr®. This is a Real Time Operating System that makes it easy to implement the networking capabilities and get started quickly. There is support across hundreds of boards and platforms, so you can customize your hardware to fit your end customers’ needs. Zephyr® is flexible enough to allow switching between platforms, which is extra critical during the chip shortages in 2021 and beyond.

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