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Gravio is an easy-to-use IoT Edge platform that uses industry standards like Zigbee, Bluetooth, MQTT and ONVIF, leveraging the power of computer vision to create smart spaces and experiences. Start for free, and scale up as you grow 🚀


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Gravio Mar 25, 2022

Meet Gravio

Gravio is an easy-to-use IoT edge platform by Asteria. Gravio uses industry standards like Zigbee, Bluetooth, HTTP, MQTT and ONVIF. Gravio also leverages the power of computer vision with machine learning through TensorFlow. Gravio comes with its own back-end system, which you can also deploy on-premise or in your own private cloud.


With Gravio, we want to enable people and businesses to realise their IoT ideas in an easy and effective way. We like to establish an “operating system for the physical space”. 

Who uses Gravio? 

Here’s a brief overview of Gravio

About Asteria

Asteria is a public company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE:3853) that focuses on improving connectivity.

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