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Hari Harikrishnan
Hari is a Silicon Valley-based technology executive with extensive product and GTM experience spanning enterprise software, communications, and computing. Hari is passionate about analytics-enabled automation and the impact of technology and data on business and society.

Should We Make Digital Twins of Our Bodies?

Digitizing paper health records is a far cry from the benefits we could get out of our own digital twin. The world of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is awash with stories...

Digitizing a Thing’s Life: Part 3 – Consumption

New ways of consuming products alters the entire Thing Lifecycle — from product design to asset operations, not just the making an Internet of Things product. We saw in previous articles in this series...
Digitizing-a-Thing’s-Life-Part-2 — Production

Digitizing a Thing’s Life: Part 2 — Production

Design and Manufacturing is profoundly impacted by the digitization of a physical thing. Digitization of a physical thing is more than the Internet of Things (IoT). More than connecting the thing and...

Digitizing a Thing’s Lifecycle, Part I: Life Beyond Maintenance

Don't we love stories of IoT (Internet of Things) and how predictive maintenance delivers economic value? We are fascinated by the phase of a Thing's life that deals with operations and...

The Evolution of Sensors, from Canaries to Drones

Sensors have existed for longer than the internet has, and much longer than the Internet of Things (IoT). Once upon a time, canaries sensed danger and martyred themselves in coal-mines. Now drones...

There is No Universal IoT Platform

Your business needs should dictate what your IoT platform is. Not vendor definitions. They come in all shapes and sizes. Hoards of them. They are called IoT Platforms. They are hard to...

IoT and Healthcare: Redesigning Care Pathways

Joining IoT and healthcare and leveraging connectivity to deliver care is not as easy as it seems. The usual refrain on IoT goes like this:You connect a device to the cloud. Data...

A Cyber-Physical Systems Approach to IoT Standards

IT + OT standards = IoT standards. I am often asked what the standards for IoT are. Is it MQTT or AMQP? What about ZigBee or Z-Wave? Is it 6LoWPAN or LoRa...
How IoT Transforms Business Models

How IoT Transforms Business Models

For years predictive maintenance has been touted as the killer app of IoT; that IoT and predictive analytics is the cure for inefficient machine maintenance and unplanned downtime; that we need...
M&A and Venture Strategy: IoT = IT + OT

M&A and Venture Strategy: IoT = IT + OT

The convergence of IT and OT dramatically alters investing activities in corporate development.We wake up routinely to the news of one acquisition or another. Most stories repeat the refrain, “Big fish...