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Helios Wire

We liberate the world’s data, then secure it in orbit. Helios is democratizing IoT and blockchain technology, making it accessible, secure and affordable for small, medium, and large organizations, worldwide. Vertically integrated and satellite-enabled, the Helios system allows for efficient and affordable monitoring, tracking, and messaging communications with as many as 5 billion devices, worldwide.

We're opening up IoT and blockchain connectivity to the entire planet — no matter the location — with our space-based infrastructure.

Helios Wire is building a disruptive, global, and vertically integrated monitoring and messaging service to track and provide communication for up to 5 billion transmitters. The Helios system will be both space and terrestrial based, allowing IoT and M2M service for ultra-high-volume market applications requiring low bandwidth and low service costs — everything from smart farming to global logistics.

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