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Softeq helps large and medium-sized enterprises turn real-life objects — i.e., equipment, assets, and facilities — into real-time data by capturing the information generated by connected things and acting on it. We produce quality content to assist businesses in engineering, transforming, and scaling smart technology systems.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Softeq Development Corporation is a global full-stack development consultant with additional offices in Germany, Mexico, and Lithuania. We design and develop custom software, firmware, hardware, desktop apps, mobile apps, line-of-business web, cloud, big data, and machine learning-powered solutions. We have the ability to design and create complex solutions and ecosystems spanning from fully functional prototypes all the way to ready-for-manufacture designs. Softeq is particularly well-suited to design connected devices, prototypes, PCBs, sensors, and smart connected objects for the Internet of Things.


Clients choose Softeq for our broad and relevant technical knowledge and insider IT business experience. This background provides a strong foothold for guiding our clients throughout all stages of their strategic business change — from major digital transformation down to automating processes and roles and asset digitization.

Product Development

We are frequently engaged to perform product development for our clients. We understand the effort required to bring a new product to the market. We will take on the domain and competitor analysis, develop a PoC and test it with your target audience, analyze user feedback and improve the product, as well as coordinate the final manufacturing and suggest an optimal rollout strategy.

Digital Strategy

We help clients identify the right digital tech stack so that their business models achieve new differentiating business capabilities. We help simplify the decisions associated with evaluating a huge number of competing technologies, languages, tools, and platforms to meet the optimal TCO goal.

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