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IoDLT (Internet of Distributed Ledger Technology) is a disruptive blockchain startup that utilizes NEM Catapult to secure and verify data coming from IoT devices.

IoDLT (Internet of Distributed Ledger Technology) uses Symbol from NEM to secure, record, and monetize data from a wide array of sources, including IoT devices.
Properly Manage Data

IoDLT believes data, as it stands, is improperly managed. The advent of the blockchain made it much more possible to verify and secure the integrity of massive amounts of data around us.

IoDLT focuses on the relevant data from a wide variety of sources, such as IoT.  This translates into smarter, cost effective, more efficient data management, IoT, and incentivization systems for businesses.
Blazing Fast Performance

Utilizing Symbol’s API interfaces, our IoT and client-side solutions can efficiently read and write from the blockchain.

Scalable Architecture

We are able to configure a Symbol blockchain to work for your specific workloads.

We are proud to offer secure, end-to-end blockchain and IoT solutions. Whether you are a small business, medical office, or enterprise, IoDLT can scale to meet your demands.
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