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SpinDance is a full-stack IoT consultant and engineering company that architects, builds, and manages the software that powers today’s connected smart products.

SpinDance leads many kinds of organizations to unlock their own creativity and find success. As a full-stack IoT provider, we help you imagine, design, and build smarter products that merge the physical device with the digital service — from Wifi locks to sensor innovation. Our end-to-end approach combines the best-of-breed technologies with custom software, resulting in faster time-to-market, lower cost of ownership, more secure applications, and ultimately, happier customers. See today how we tap into the power of IoT, allowing you to achieve what you never thought possible.
the iot journey

IoT is a Marathon – Not a Sprint

The IoT journey isn’t a quick sprint from point A to B. You must be in it for the long-haul because it's a marathon… and it isn’t for the faint of heart!
AWS Certified Developer Associate

What to Expect on the AWS Certified Developer Associate

Let's clarify this one corner of AWS used by many as an entry point to begin a cloud expertise journey: AWS Certified Developer Exam.

Meta-Support: Tools for Supporting IoT

A common headache for customers is supporting their product after it's released. Meta-support tools can help relieve these issues.
Considerations in Preparation for AWS Certification Exams

Considerations in Preparation for AWS Certification Exams

Recommendations from an AWS Certified Software Engineer for training resources used to prepare for the AWS certification exams. 
Agile software development

Feedback: The Key Ingredient to Agile Software Development

Software development for IoT starts with a vision, a roadmap, and the ability to navigate change by providing feedback in the agile development process.
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