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Use IoTerop's device management services to create economically disruptive IoT solutions. IoTerop is an award-winning provider of IoT device management solutions and supporter of the LwM2M standard with a laser focus on helping organizations unlock IoT's value.

IoTerop's customers rely on our device management capabilities to reduce the cost and complexity of building, deploying, and monetizing secure IoT solutions for different industrial sectors, including smart metering, logistics, and many others.

IoTerop's standardized device management services enable IoT strategies where every penny counts. Benefits include reduced time-to-market, more manageable operational costs due to zero-touch device management services like firmware and device commissioning while simultaneously helping organizations overcome the many LPWAN device, energy, and network constraints.

IoTerop's Chief Product Officer and co-founder David Navarro is an Open Mobile Alliance Specworks board member working alongside representatives of AT&T, Ericsson, T-Mobile, ARM, Itron, and Qualcomm to shape the future of the LwM2M IoT standard.

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