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ioXt is the Global Standard for IoT Security. Founded by leading technology and product manufacturing firms, ioXt is the only industry led, global IoT product security and certification program in the world. Products with the ioXt SmartCert give consumers and retailers greater confidence in a highly connected world. Learn more at


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IT and Security
The Importance of Global Standard for IoT Security
Ryan Chacon is joined by ioXt Alliance's Grace Burkard to discuss the importance of global standards for IoT security. ...
#IoTMakers | E221 | With ioXt Alliance's Grace Burkard Sep 20, 2022
IoT For All Sep 20, 2022

Meet ioXt Alliance

The mission of the ioXt Alliance is to build confidence in Internet of Things products through multi-stakeholder, international, harmonized, and standardized security and privacy requirements, product compliance programs, and public transparency of those requirements and programs.

The ioXt Security Pledge is the result of industry working together to set security standards that bring security, upgradability and transparency to the market and directly into the hands of consumers. Pledge standards include: no universal passwords, secured interfaces, proven cryptography, security by default, verified software, automatic security updates, vulnerability disclosure program, and security expiration date.

ioXt offers two methods of certification- third-party lab accreditation and manufacturer-accreditation. After successfully completing the rigorous testing program, products that meet or exceed the requirements in their designated profile and category receive the ioXt SmartCert seal of security.

ioXt Alliance
ioXt Alliance
The Global Standard for IoT Security
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