Irma Rastegayeva, Author at IoT For All

Irma Rastegayeva

Irma is an Innovation Catalyst at the intersection of health, technology, humanity and storytelling. Following 20+ year career in product development, consulting and technology management, Irma combines deep technical expertise with patient advocacy and community engagement at eViRa. Health, a B2B marketing consultancy. Named in the Top 30 Women in Tech, Irma is recognized as a top influencer in #DigitalHealth, #HealthTech, #PersonalizedMedicine and #IoT.

LiveWorx 2018 Recap, IoT Advances and the Internet of Medical Things

What is LiveWorx? Last month I had the pleasure of presenting at LiveWorx 2018, PTC’s annual conference. In the words of the organizer, it’s “the world’s most respected digital transformation confe...