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James Brehm & Associates is a leading consulting and market intelligence firm providing project based and strategic advisory services to technology companies worldwide.

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    James Brehm & Associates is an internet of things (IoT) strategy acceleration firm.The foundation of our research and advisory services is based on our primary research data, which informs the advice and recommendations we give to clients. we believe that the quality of our IoT research and the insights we generate from it are the best available in the market today. using this data allows us to develop market segmentation models, by vertical application or Applications, that provide our clients a deep understanding of what's really going on in IoT. To validate both our numbers and understanding of the market, we talk to over 250 IoT ecosystem players every quarter, giving us a solid view as to the current state of IoT design, development, and deployment. clients engaged with James Brehm & Associates have the benefits of real insights into the IoT market with data to back it up.

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